Jan 17 2015

Mediabank was a six month project working with several students on the undergrad and postgrad programmes for Digital Media at London Met. My brief was to work with a small team providing practical work experience by producing suitable marketing materials to help promote the courses. I’m a big believer in ‘authentic marketing’ so it was a real pleasure to be given this opportunity. We produced more than 25 video and motion graphics clips, along with 2 sets of high quality images of campus locations.

I believe this kind of work could be extended across all faculties to include teams of students drawn from different degree programmes, to build authentic channels of marketing for all degrees, showcasing student work and co-created material between staff and students. The students gained very useful experience and felt it hugely useful and worthwhile. I really enjoyed it and hope future funding can be found to further this kind of approach to ‘employability’ initiatives at university.

The web showcase is available at (uses Adobe Flash Video Player)

The Vimeo stream is here:

Video (selection)

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