Malabar at Watford, June 2014

Oct 03 2014
Malabar at Watford, June 2014

Seeing Malabar is quite an extraordinary experience. Some friends invited me to come along to an outdoor show commissioned by Watford city council back in June this year. We were able to be backstage with crew and performers so it was pretty exciting to get such a close up view of what was going on. Though the video I shot wasn’t great – a lot of movement, crowds and low light makes for very difficult shooting, but I still edited some up as it gives a glimpse into what it’s like to go to one of their shows. Highly recommended. Slideshow photo galleries added for the backstage area before the show, hanging around downstairs outside the hotel, walking to the area where the show started and then a few stills of the show itself.




P1110893 P1110897 P1110898 P1110900 P1110903 P1110908 P1110910 P1110911 P1110912 P1110916 P1110921 P1110925 P1110929 P1110947 P1110949 P1110952 P1110954 P1110959 P1110960 P1110964 P1110965 P1110966 P1110967 P1110968 P1110972 P1110974

The show

P1110979 P1110981 P1110984 P1110985 P1110986 P1110988 P1110989 P1110990 P1110991 P1110992 P1110993 P1110995 P1110999

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