Smart Learning Open Access

May 25 2018
Smart Learning Open Access

I was pleased to take part in a webinar for the Smart Learning Institute at Normal University in Beijing, China. Due to time difference I suggested I do a video-cast and they were happy to oblige with that, so I created a presentation of slides with audio for them to use. The video is shared above. The presentation was part of their 2nd Belt and Road ‘Innovation, Design and Learning Webinars, 21-25 March 2018’.

Video recording of presentation

The information about the series of webinars and conference speakers is here:

The topic was how Smart Learning benefits from open access knowledge, illustrating how and why this happens. I enjoyed making the presentation so hope others got something out of it. It has helped in focus for the thesis as distinguished clearly between ad-hoc open smart learning, and what enterprise infrastructure smart city learning might be.

The slides are available at

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Smart Learning Open Access Smart Learning Open Access

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