Digital Literacy Lists

May 25 2019
Digital Literacy Lists

Digital Literacy

Teaching digital ‘skills’ and competences is about… here's a summary top twenty...

  1. Verbose naming conventions, (preceded by date)
  2. Minimal folder trees
  3. Shorter file names [also not using whitespace in filenames ever]
  4. Date form: year/month/day, always, no exceptions
  5. Never use generic file names like ‘meeting’ as the first word of a file name
  6. Use a single note making app that is synched regularly between devices
  7. Never depend on the Cloud
  8. Use versioning wherever possible for back ups
  9. Use back-up software if possible, or learn command line to do it
  10. If you use Google Drive to share files, learn how to use less files and less folders
  11. List all the devices you use, prioritise them, and back up accordingly, from every week to every month, to external hard drives
  12. Avoid any important docs on more than one device as single static items. This is the road to hell.
  13. Do not use emails to manage a project
  14. Do not use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to share important information (it’s really amateur, and hard to find things later)
  15. Do not use horror fonts, childish formatting or ‘humour’ in digital work. It makes you look like an idiot.
  16. Never tell Facebook the truth about yourself, make things up. Apart from your name maybe.
  17. Keep yourself fairly anonymous on other social media (especially Twitter)
  18. Don’t share anything online you couldn’t show to your mother if you had to, unless she is very narrow minded, in which case find another role model.
  19. Don’t tell lies online (or anywhere else)
  20. Find better things to do with your sexy gorgeous digital devices, not only social media, even though it is fun and can be very useful.

What is social media for?

  • I use social media to understand other people.
  • I use social media to understand myself.
  • I use social media to learn humility and enjoy other people’s posts even though I might think they’re boring.
  • I use social media to examine how I behave towards other people.
  • I use social media to learn the art of self control.
  • I use social media to appreciate the vast diversity of life and the world around me.
  • I use social media to be aware of dangers and potential wrong decisions I have made, or others have made.
  • I use social media to enjoy other people’s achievements without being jealous.
  • I use social media to reflect upon my place in the world.
  • I use social media to discover that I am not as great as I thought I was.
  • I use social media to discover that other people are more interesting than I thought they were.
  • I use social media to…

Derived from recent social media posts May 2019.

An Evernote note on digital literacy skills

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