I Was Here

Dec 10 2015
I Was Here

Two systems that basically do the same thing, track where we are and who might be around. One is the radar dome, the other is an Inukshuk, at Dingli Cliffs. I just thought that was so cool.

When we design digital application interfaces and experiences, we always think about Inukshuk in terms of humanising the digital journey experience, though maybe mostly it might not be called that anymore. Many apps do this, so much so that we take it for granted: Amazon reviews, eBay bids, Netflix suggestions, Facebook as a whole concept. User experience is of course also measured by big data analysis, tracking maps of journeys and common behaviours, much like radar really.

A part of the scope of this research is how to involve user experience and usability testing techniques in the evaluation of theory based learning design. As I build the methodology approach and system, I’m intending to develop a series of ‘reflectors’, i.e. factors which show a signal of similarity with a relevant theoretical factor of significance. It’s probably simpler than it sounds. The concept of Inukshuk is one thread of inspiration for this system of analysis.

Luckily, I’m not the only one who thinks there are strong connections between learning design online and usability, though I do think it’s a much newer phenomenon for education academics to take UX and usability very seriously. I’m pleased to say that one of my research bosses, John Cook, seems to be quite involved in this kind of thing.

More on reflectors and signals of similarity in another post soon.

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The radar tower at Dingli Cliffs, with inukshuk pebble tower in foreground The radar tower at Dingli Cliffs, with inukshuk pebble tower in foreground (Panasonic GF3)

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