Site Development

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​The site is progressing well, with a few new ideas coming together. Next in line to implement will be the tutorials archive, using slightly different templates, but making it possible to add to the resources, especially for using EE and using jQuery, HTML5, RWD and CSS3 tricks. I also *plan* to use a dynamic page load that takes care of the urls (without using the ‘hash hack’), but will need to tweak the templates to get this to work nicely. Problems currently being encountered are image number limit when parsing an entry with multiple images using channel images (for the background slideshow), animating masonry bricks (or having to resort to isotope, which animates easily), and the perennial ‘which social icons shall I use’ problem (kidding on that last one). I also need to understand more fully the use of meta profiles in relation to using png files as icons.

I perhaps could always use a designer, but it’s still fairly nice to look at, IMO.