Reporting Live

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Reporting Live: The State of Today is a new project. I’m aggregating a number of feed sources to automate the generation of an OPML which I can then do ‘fun stuff’ with. I really like the idea of art through data visualization and this is my first serious project to do that (though Baby Saatchi may also turn into that in the end).

I’m pulling data from Facebook Page hacked feeds, website feeds and Yahoo Pipe combination feeds into a WordPress using an the RSS Importer plugin, which up to now I’ve found the best at this, though it’s not perfect. Currently i’ve got religion, politics and news type content but I will add art (Baby Saatchi, streetart, left-field stuff) and Internet type things (Anonymous, Alternet etc). This will then provide dated snapshots in the database that can be visualised according to keyword, topic, category etc. It’s a fun thing to do, sort of feed web-weaving.

Check out the site here: