New Site

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It’s been really good working on the new site for as I’ve managed to put into practice a lot of new techniques that I’ve been waiting to learn and then use for quite a while. New skills learned recently which I’m either using or will be using very soon for this project are SCSS (previously known as Sass, though that’s a little different to Scss), much better Git skills, using Grunt for the first time, and also exciting new interface techniques like using Font Awesome as well as nicer Google Font use and behaviour. Added to all that I’m really enjoying using the Skeleton boilerplate again as I’m learning more about how versatile it can be and just how much time it saves when thinking about clean web layout that can be easily used on all devices. It really encourages decluttering the interface design.

There’s still quite a bit of work to be done – replacing the slideshow overlays with something much better (Nivo is outdated now), creating a proper Photo gallery area, and adding to the way article content is delivered on the webpage. It’s making good progress though, I think.