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This page provides links to my other lives on the web, it’s truthfully just an easy way for me to access these links when they come up in coversation. My Webteach blog, my main Vimeo, my Soundcloud, my presentations at Speakerdeck, my and my ResearchGate are all here. Some content is embedded below, for a taste of what you can expect.


Webteach is for writing on ‘Content and Literary in a Digital World’. It’s not an e-learning blog, but e-learning does come up now and again. Main focus is on how higher education deals with the digital futures of modern life, both institutionally, individually and also in educational terms.Its available here: (RSS feed is /feed)

Webteach is hosted on the Netfarms WordPress project. See the Netfarms entry for more on that project.


My penworks Vimeo account is for my creative videos plus some clips I’ve made for personal educational things. (I have separate Vimeo accounts for video work that’s concerned with specific university projects Ive been involved in, such as SocialMet or Mediabank.)


My Soundcloud is both a home to my ambient and deep house electronica playlists and my own most recent real music playing.


I chose to use Speakerdeck for my PDF slides hosting because it’s tidy. I know I should use Slidedeck because everyone else does, but I just don’t enjoy the user experience at all. Speakerdeck is cooler.

I finally relented and uploaded a bunch of papers to because everyone searches for you there. I much prefer ResearchGate but recently Ive also benefited from the weekly roundup of work that sends you, from your nominated areas of interest.


My ResearchGate info, papers and who I follow. I find this site hugely useful, both for the thesis research areas and for being able to contact other researchers with queries. They also have a very good and active support forum with all kinds of research related practical issues being discussed (like how best to transcribe audio interviews, how to make decisions about methodology, which software is best for qualitative analysis, etc. Fantastic site for academics.