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​JOYnd was an idea with some concept for a ‘GPS enabled’ employability network, aimed at any person new to the job market who has marketable skills. This might be graduates, but it might also be the new entrepreneur schools or tech short-school attenders. It was at a pretty raw stage but I believe potential exists within the loose concept. Main features I initially mapped out at top level were hook-in to events, Employer Conference event stand-holders, other job providers, and events management companies. This would work in a two way structure, benefiting both those looking for work and all of those involved in trying to provide it to them. The GPS aspects would be significant in a number of ways, not all of which might be currently possible, but likely will be within the next year or two.

This project is now defunct but the ideas have been partially inputted into the doctorate, and the work I did on this proved invaluable for the early scoping of smart learning conceptual ideas, both for apps and API requirements and also for pedagogical; understanding.