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​I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Malta, Faculty of Education, Department of Leadership for Learning and Innovation. My provisional title is “Developing an Effective Pedagogy for Smart Learning”. I teach some module work concerning smart learning, to both undergraduate and post graduate Education students. I also have undertaken some strategic report writing to summarise my work and research into smart learning for the department. I am presently involved in further scoping module specifications and content for the department and university.

London Metropolitan University 2006 – 2015


I lectured and led workshops in a variety of digital media areas for Year Zero, Foundation, Undergraduate (including much module leading) and Post Graduate level study. These include web apps and multimedia using various software and technology (XHTML, RSS/XML, CSS2 and 3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySql, CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine), Adobe Premier Pro/QuickTime Pro /Final Cut/iMovie video work, After Effects, Flash animation, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator, music and audio using Reason, Soundbooth, Audacity, Ableton Live etc, plus other assorted software and freeware. I work with Windows and Mac OS. I have taught theory such as Writing for the Web, Usability/UX issues, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Emerging Technologies, Multimedia for the Web, Project Management, as well as Academic Skills and Employability in the field of digital media. In the past 6 years I have taught more than 3000 tutor hours (see work history section). I have worked at the Faculty of Computing and at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences & Humanities.

Other University Roles

I was very involved in the work experience agency in the Faculty of Computing, (the WoW Agency), acting as Technical Lead & Student Development for many web based projects as well as leading user experience and social media evaluation studies for the university website and other clients. I have also developed and ran an all day seminar aimed at the business community, focusing on Internet Profile Development. I led the Wow project to design and assist in the implementation of an interim front facing ‘bridging’ website for London Met. I also led the approach to re-organising information architecture for the top levels of the website, using persona journeys derived from the evaluation work.

I have worked as a web consultant for the former head of Marketing, Communications and UK Recruitment, on the Online Presence project for London Met, advising and overseeing specifications and deliverables for the university new website, liaising with the design and implementation outside agencies.
I have worked extensively for our Strategic Programme Office who lead the change management initiatives at London Met. I have worked on the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Reviews, Student and Staff Charters, and most significantly created and ran the SocialMet project (http://www.socialmet.co.uk), which has utilised an unorthodox approach to using social media in university communications. It has enjoyed some fair success, and I have (partly as a consequence) met with our Vice Chancellor to advise on strategies for social media implementation, integration and policy for the university.


Between 2009 and 2015 I worked as Senior Blended Learning Facilitator (FTE.6) at the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, at London Met. I have worked with many faculties and members of staff to encourage and advise on uses of technology, including Blackboard Vista and BB9.1. I have developed a variety of applications for use by those involved in e-learning, most recently the London Met e-learning Matrix (now archived) resource.