Elearning Matrix New Site

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​I’ve launched the first prototype of the new Elearning Matrix, a greenfield full rebuild of the earlier xhtml eMatrix, developed from 2020-2013. The new version has moved on quite a bit and uses a number of more advanced web development techniques as well as being html5 and fully responsive. Based on ExpressionEngine 2.9.2, I’m now using the Content Elements add on for main entry build, and have made use of Google Fonts and Font Awesome for text and icons. I’m also using Sass Css and Grunt for minifying everything, which has given me a good experience of installing Node and Ruby, and getting used to concepts like Ruby Gems and Node Package Manager. Also using other better techniques for page load like browser expiry dates, and using Git a lot more, which makes development much easier, even if you develop as a single developer. Really looking forward to getting more of the site up and working. It’s a great project to work on.