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I’ve done some interesting work for a London based inner city charity developing a curriculum for age 12-16 yr after school classes, teaching digital skills that would lead on to accredited learning, using an approach of a ‘Level 0’ syllabus construction. The system of accreditation is based on what is provided by the British Computer Society, using a mixture of their core IT skills and their digital media skills content. They were very enthusiastic when we had an initial meeting to chat about the concept. As those courses are Level 1 upwards, I needed to think more about a ‘friendlier’ introductory approach which would start with informal learning centred on digital literacy concepts and then develop into more structured and topic focused sessions and achievements as the students progressed, which could become accredited as they went along. Each student could focus on their particular skills and interests, so allowing for many aspects of digital employment areas to be nurtured.

This work has now led into a new possibility of developing classes like this further afield and is currently moving forward outside of the UK. I’ll post again as things develop more.