We do Kool not Kute

Sep 10 2013
We do Kool not Kute

I went along to the opening of a photography show curated by Jamie Brennan, “We do Kool Not Kute” and shot some video and stills. Jamie had asked me to have a go at making a video of the night. The show was great, and I really enjoyed making the media. This is the clip, there’s also a small gallery of stills to check out. As usual, I shot in 1080p AVCHD and high res jpg. Music here is by Sven Weissman.



P1030397 P1030398 P1030399 P1030400 P1030395 P1030396 P1030393 P1030394 P1030401 P1030403 P1030410 P1030415 P1030427 P1030428 P1030430 P1030432 P1030438 P1030448 P1030450 P1030452 P1030453 P1030454 P1030455 P1030457 P1030460 P1030465 P1030469 P1030392

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We do Kool not Kute We do Kool not Kute

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