Trxtr At the Signal Gallery

Sep 07 2013
Trxtr At the Signal Gallery

Trxtr did a great show early in 2013, called Dystopia, and I went along to take photographs and make a video of what happened. Here’s the video, and there’s a photo gallery here too. I use a Panasonic GF3, shoot HD 1080p AVCHD and use hi res jpg stills. I always use iMovie to edit these days, it’s just no mess no fuss. Music here is from SCSI-9 (from their album Metamorphosis), a great Russian ambient techno duo, who are also DJs.



01P1040036 P1040016 P1040018 P1040019 P1040021 P1040022 P1040023 P1040025 P1040026 P1040027 P1040030 P1040031 P1040033 P1040035 P1040037 P1040040 P1040041 P1040048 P1040059 P1040072 P1040073 P1040074

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