Saying hello from Grav

Jan 29 2023
Saying hello from Grav

So, what is this and who am I? This is my new web identity build, after running a WordPress multisite for a long time and now being kinda bored with all that updating, plugin checking and general bombardment of evil bot perma-attack. I also need web things to run => PHP 8 and a zillion WP plugins makes it hard to check everything for (non) compatibility. I needed something new. I tried Grav a while back but had no time to venture too far into it, but I came back to it on seeing it recommended in 2023 choices for blog CMS. I'm really enjoying learning about Grav.

Bio of sorts

A slightly ageing academic rekindling my tech self. Used to work with ExpressionEngine quite a bit, also later/earlier did WordPress customised sites and some Drupal. Have a background as a Hot Scripts alum (If you know, you know). I recently completed PhD focusing on UX of learning with smart enough tech in urban places. I now want to get back to coding which frankly is my second love, after my first love of being in rock bands and wotnot. Current likes are semantic web and genart. In my other life I do academic stuff like bits of research and writing academic papers.

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screenshot of laragon showing php dependencies Prickly pears outside the old villa on Triq San Pawl, 2013 (Panasonic GF3)

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