presentation at icity malta 2016

Jul 11 2016
presentation at icity malta 2016

It was a fantastic experience to present at this conference (ICiTy Enhancing Places through Technology), and it went really, really well. I spoke for the correct amount of time, was coherent and got people engaged in the topic enough to ask good questions at the end. Hurrah! I really enjoyed it. I have a varied experience of presenting. Sometimes it goes fabulously, and other times it’s been a disaster, so I was slightly trepidatious. But in the end it was great. If you’re at the right event you also make good contacts for the future, and good conversation begins to flow as people get to know each other. I enjoyed noticing how at first I was a bit self conscious at coffee breaks, but by the end was really at ease dotting between friendly faces. The presentations that made the most impression:

Dave Carter – namechecked Cory Doctorow and Bruce Sterling in his keynote on developing smart cities with smart citizens. Great session.

Neville Borg
– from the Valletta 2018 foundation, for the European Capital of
Culture. He outlined a fabulous project about mapping culture-spots in
Malta: which could be the basis of a geotagged content repository sharing concept for our project.

Stefan Zedlacher
and colleagues presentation on cross linking geotagged archival
resources also seemed really relevant to this concept of geotagged
repository sharing. Really interesting presentation.

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