Opting out of Meta Facebook AI training data

Jun 11 2024
Opting out of Meta Facebook AI training data

This post is a quick guide to how to object to Meta Facebook including your content for AI training model data.

TLDR: if you just want the main form Ive linked it below, but its interesting to see where this is buried and the preceding question asking if it is about AI.

Direct link to main form https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/6359191084165019

The longer way to find where this option is buried shows you just how bad the UX is for Facebook/Meta transparency.

Screenshot steps

Quick step by step guide to object. CLICK ON IMAGES for larger image.

    1. Navigate to privacy centre and click the drop down for privacy policy. Then click on "What is our legal basis for ..." In the list of items

facebook opt out screenshot 1

    1. From the listed options, select Object

facebook opt out screenshot 2

    1. A pop up will open, telling you your right to object to data being used for LLM/image gen ai training (or opt out of marketing data)

facebook opt out screenshot 3

    1. Click on the 'object' inline link to open the form process

facebook opt out screenshot 4

You can also click on 'right to object to' inline link shown in the image. This will also begin the objection process

facebook opt out screenshot 4.1

    1. Either of those links will open a short form with one question asking if its about AI. Select yes.

facebook opt out screenshot 5

Direct link to this form https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/367438723733209

    1. Then click next. The main form will open. Fill it in. Select a country. You don't need to make up complex reasons, a human is unlikely to read this. When you're ready, click submit.

facebook opt out screenshot 6

    1. You will immediately get an automated response honouring your objection from AI training data inclusion. Note is says 'applied going forward', I'd assume this means any content prior to the lodged objection will be included for AI training purposes.

You can see from my request info (at the bottom of this screenshot ) that I only put the most basic text in as my objection.

facebook opt out screenshot 7

Information regarding Instagram will be added to this post, or related links provided.

For specific content objections

There is a different form for objecting about specific information being used for AI training.


/I will add a couple of links and screenshots to give Instagram details like this.

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