First post to Grav

Jan 27 2023
First post to Grav

This is the first post to Grav, as I learn how the whole thing works. I tend to mooch into a new CMS, and investigate the build, set up, admin, themes, plugins and how things all fit together all at once, which probably isnt the best way but then again it kind of dumps you in at the deep end so you have to learn a lot in a short space of time. Im currently not even sure of how page hierarchy works.

Why Grav?

I love flat file, and Im sick to death of adminning my WordPress multisite. It's just not worth i for what I need or want at this point. WP has basically killed itself with being too popular, too top heavy with plugins and too much of a target for 'bad actors'. It also made a big mistake with Gutenburg imho.


Well, Im a part time dodgy google hacker dev but have worked in the (fairly distant) past with ExpressionEngine, Drupal and later with WOrdPress. Although WP was also a very early foray (v1!) into how templates worked and how to style them. To get work as a webdev in those days mainly meant working in Netscape, then Dreamweaver 4 then AceHTML with my old white box 40gb PC. Then I upgraded to Drupal and really loved that. Several upgraded to Expression Engine (EE) becasue a friend at the time was using it a lot.

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generative art creative coding RT Oct-Nov 2021, artist unknown A screenshot of generative art creative coding RT Oct-Nov 2021, from the penworks birdsite feed 2020-2022

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