Baby Saatchi

Sep 07 2013
Baby Saatchi

(Updated 2018 for archive.) Baby Saatchi was a project about content, and centred around the idea of ‘Rogue, Sasstacular’. It embodied numerous sources interlinking scraped image feeds plus additional content pulled from gadgets, science, tech, design, fashion, travel and comics, so creating new identified (branded) content. I used Facebook and Flipboard to achieve this. The main hub of Baby Saatchi was a Flipboard magazine, in the days when Flipboard looked amazing, before it changed its layout to be much more conventional. But Facebook stopped Flipboard having access, and then Flipboard changed its layout. For a while I then used a WordPress site to pull together a variety of Facebook page and list content feeds with selected content but Facebook has now changed its API rules again, so that no longer works.

I gave a talk in 2014 on new content networks, and I used Baby Saatchi to show how you can build a small effective social online group around niche ideas. The images blew their minds, I think. (Another reason (at the start) for this project was to demonstrate html5 and css3 techniques to students, including transitions, word wrap, gradients, text shadow, box shadow.)

The gallery here is made up of Flipboard screenshots from desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Amazing. Sasstacular.

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Baby Saatchi Baby Saatchi

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